CSIA Conference 2013 after day 1

By Robert Lowe posted 05-03-2013 07:11

How do we beat this in San Diego in 2014? Perfect venue - 500+ attendance for the first time - global representation - a nice mix of old timers and newbies! Economist Alan Beaulieu says in the US a mild recession will occur in 2014 and inflation beginning in 2015, but overall looks good for 5-6 years.  He also gave an overveiw of many other major global economies.  Mark Voigtman imparted his typical wisdom with 21 Legal Takeaways in 45 minutes. One good idea from Mark that you put to use back in the office will cover your membership dues and conference costs for a decade - you can quote me on that. There was too much other good stuff to mention.  Is is ok to say "stuff"' in a high tech associations blog?  Too late now.  More to come after the conference.  If you weren't here but could have been...hmmmm.
Oh, almost forgot - Anixter treated us to a great opening reception on Wednesday evening. Thanks Anixter!