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Industrial Wearable Devices Are Coming

What seemed like science fiction just a few years ago is quickly becoming reality. Will smart wearables allow operations to boldly go where no manufacturer has gone before? Read blog by Autoware's Luigi De Bernardini.

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  • Alexander Andreev

    RE: Machine Safety - Risk Assessment

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    Dear colleagues. USA is very powerful and genius state and invented everything for small and average companies for , PHA is the discipline evolved enough good. My opinion is for saving time and money better to soak up the experience existed...

  • Ann Massie Nelson

    Update your profile on the Exchange

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Please remember to take a few minutes to complete your company's profile on the Industrial Automation Exchange . Every member received a FREE bronze profile for the first year of the Exchange, which began in April 2014. The more information you...

  • Alexander Andreev

    Refactoring Agile Code (From Ten Steps)

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    Agile 101 - Refactoring Agile Code In a traditional development project there is a tendency for one person to write entire programs to implement certain functionality. It is likely that once a program or component has been written and tested,...

  • Alexander Andreev

    RE: Media opportunity: Chemical Processing

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    Alarm Management for Process Automation Systems (Structure Example) 1...

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