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A successful MES project requires all three viewpoints. Check out this week's blog by Luigi De Bernardini.

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  • Ann Nelson

    Freelance writers profiles

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hi everyone, This is a project that I'm circling back to, so this request may look familiar to you, if you're a regular Open Forum reader. With the new Exchange, our members will have the opportunity to publish white papers and case studies in...

  • Jeanne Rosen

    Media opp: Publisher is looking for filtration case...

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Treatment Plant Operator, a drinking water and wastewater trade publication with an average monthly circulation of 78,000, is looking for a CSIA member to write a treatment or filtration case study for the November 2014 issue. This is a no cost informational...

  • William Kortens

    RE: Technical Testing during Interview Process

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Scott, Before my initial interview with candidates I prepare a battery of technical questions for them. I typically have my operations manager in the room to assist and evaluate the questioning process. We have a scoring system (1-5) for the...

  • Luigi De Bernardini

    RE: Technical Testing during Interview Process

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hi Scott, we are working on the same topic. We are starting a project specific to talent management and hiring will be one of the parts we will need to focus more. If you are doing the same it would be great to share info and effort to put something...

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