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The Industrial Automation Exchange is now live! The site is still under construction, so you will see some test data and other anomalies, but we're too excited to keep it under wraps.

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Latest Discussions

  • Mark Voigtmann

    RE:Installation contract

    Posted in: Open Forum

    The AIA's A401 subcontract form can be a very acceptable approach for some larger projects. Compared to other some forms, it is fairly balanced from both the perspective of the prime contractor (in this case the integrator) and the subcontractor...

  • Robert Chappel

    RE:Installation contract

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I suggesst AIA subcontract document

  • photo not available

    Installation contract

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Where can I get an acceptable draft for a subcontract for labor and materials for installation of equipment for a systems integration project?

  • Vance VanDoren

    RE:Support for projects in Poland

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Oops! Apparently those links can't be accessed from a post to this forum. I'll e-mail you the list directly. Vance

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