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Is Linux more secure than Windows?

Each has its own merits. Both require a watchful eye. David Anderson of Loman Controls explains why.

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  • Ann Nelson

    Six premium packages remaining for integrator m...

    Posted in: Client Marketing ...

    Hi all -- I wanted to let you know that we have only six premium packages remaining for integrator members to claim on the Exchange. I will post the flier in the committee's library with more details. If you are interested, contact Eric Huemmer...

  • Alexander Andreev

    The Charming Mystery of Project Management-0

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Dear friend and fellows, To your attentions the small PM articles. they may be usefull like the intriduction into PM. So, the article # 1: Ten Techniques for Estimating Work (Part 1 of 2) Estimating work is a key element of project...

  • Alexander Andreev

    RE: Main Automation Contractor (MAC))

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Ian, I believe you already on the half way to weld the EPCM project management, SI activities into MAC Company. Welcom to Russia. There are great oppotunities gor you and your company, The thought has been influenced by your question Ian. You...

  • Paul Gekas

    Robotics & Autonomous System

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Bob, - This is our area of focus & combines Robotics, Control Systems and, most importantly, Sensing Systems (including vision systems) - Industries which are most likely to use such systems are found where there is an unstructured or imprecise...

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